Britton Jones Launches NXT Events Media Group

A New, Better Resource for Small to Mid-Size Event Producers


Norwalk, CT (October 26, 2016) Britton Jones, successful entrepreneur and trade show industry icon, launches a new event production and digital content company – NXT Events Media Group.  In an industry where opportunities for growth are often dominated by large, publicly-traded companies or private-equity backed entities with short-term commitments, Britton Jones brings his vast resources to the smaller, more entrepreneurial organizers who want to take their business to the next level. 

“I have never been more excited about a career opportunity,” stated Britton Jones in announcing the new company. “I look forward to helping to fill a real void in the industry. Up until the launch of NXT Events Media Group, owners of smaller show production companies have primarily had only the industry’s largest organizers as a source of the expertise and resources to take their events to the next levels. However, achieving notable success in one of the world’s most sophisticated, dynamic and competitive marketplaces forced me to hone my skills, expand my contacts and develop the full expertise required to produce world class events. Through acquisitions and potential partnerships, I am now excited to bring these resources to smaller, more entrepreneurial organizers who want to grow their businesses.”

Having successfully launched 14 events and won nearly 20 awards for producing the nation’s fastest growing shows, Britton has been pushing the envelope of traditional show production in order to add more value for customers and enrich face-to-face engagement for both attendees and exhibitors.

“My core charter is to create events that I would value and appreciate if I were the customer. In my companies, customer service always comes before financial gain. Being privately held means that I can put an elevated customer experience over the strict financial restrictions many of today’s organizers face,” Britton avowed.

Being the CEO of a fully integrated media company for 36 years also taught Britton the value of quality content.

“Meaningful content is critical to breaking through the deafening levels of noise in most industries and creating top-of-mind awareness with key exhibitors and attendees. Strong digital and significant social media programs that enlighten, energize and inspire audiences are imperative to the vitality of today’s marketplaces. That’s why expert media programs will be the lifeblood of all NXT Events Media Group events,” Britton stated.

Although Britton had the pleasure of running one of America's top trade show companies, he is an entrepreneur at heart.   

"I am a student of the beauty of simplicity. I truly appreciate the importance of being nimble, dynamic and staying close to customers and their ever-changing needs. This will always be a top priority at NXT Events Media Group,” 

“Helping customers grow their businesses is what I find to be the most exhilarating aspect of producing events. I am tremendously excited to work with organizers who share my vision and to build a team of passionate professionals who want to take ownership of their jobs and make a difference in their workplace. I am setting out to build a great and enduring company and have always found that the financial success is best earned by answering industry needs with excellence,” Britton concluded


About Britton Jones

Britton Jones was Co-Owner, President and CEO of BJI, a fourth generation, family owned and managed integrated media company.  After 18 years as Publisher, Britton became the driving force in building the BJI Fashion Group, the Trade Show Division of Business Journals, Inc. into one of the world’s leading trade show organizers.  Starting with the turnaround of one failing show in 1998 under Britton’s leadership, BJI grew explosively to six brands running 27 events annually by 2015. BJI was sold to UBM in April 2016. 

In addition, Britton teamed with Greg Topalian, Sharon Enright and Mac Brighton to form LeftField Media, a company specializing in consumer facing, enthusiast events.  LeftField quickly achieved great success and more than doubled in size in just two years and since sold to Clarion in June 2016. 

Giving back to the industry he loves, Britton consistently works for its betterment. He has serviced on multiple boards – SISO, CIER, ABM, NYC & Co’s Trade Show Council and Javits Center’s Customer Advisory Board.  He was awarded the Trade Show News Network Industry Icon Award and the Robert L. Krakoff Leadership Award.




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